Services of the new bank are already available to clients from various countries. Based on the latest digital technologies, Golden Sand Bank was established; a global bank offering private banking and wealth management services.

A new bank on the international market

Golden Sand Bank is a global digital bank and an asset management platform at the same time. At the new bank, processes run digitally, with the use of the Internet and mobile applications. The target group are High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI). Currently, the bank is completing its first stage of operations in the so-called “family&friends” mode. After obtaining a consent from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, it will offer its services to a wide range of clients.

Modern IT architecture

The bank systems of the Golden Sand Bank are made available in a hybrid cloud and they consume the computing power of data centres. The bank uses business software, infrastructure and services provided by external global suppliers. As regards a BPM class system, the bank has chosen Ferryt Platform provided by DomData.

“We have opted for Ferryt as a platform to manage bank processes, as it is common, stable and it gives high flexibility in managing processes by the business side. It also enables a quick “time to market”. Moreover, Ferryt ensures easy and cost-efficient sales and operations in many channels at the same time, which was of paramount importance to us. A moment before the bank’ s wide roll-out, what I can say is that our decision to choose Ferryt was the right one.” – says Piotr Gawron, one of the originators and a mentor of Golden Sand Bank.

The Ferryt Platform is a solution developed by DomData. It is an advanced, BPM class system. The solution has been successfully implemented in numerous banks in Poland and world-wide. Thanks to its flexibility and a universal character, the Ferryt Platform makes it possible to model and implement any business solutions in front- and back-office.

Business processes at Golden Sand Bank

At Golden Sand Bank, the Ferryt Platform was applied to optimise multiple processes. Processes which are based on this solution included the following: client on-boarding, opening and administering accounts in various currencies, credit and debit cards, personal data change management, active service limits management.

What is interesting, following a training by the provider, the bank implemented the processes completely on its own. The fact shows that process parametrisation on the Ferryt Platform is easy and convenient.

Golden Sand Bank’s forthcoming plans include not only intensive development of the services provided (including geographical expansion to other Western European countries), but also further automation of external and internal operations carried out in the bank, which will be implemented based on Ferryt Platform.