The purpose of the project was to provide Plus Bank S.A. with an Installment – photovoltaics Loan process together with cooperating modules of the Ferryt platform. The solution was to enable the sale of photovoltaic modules to be credited. The process had to be made available to individual customers through external sales networks cooperating with the Bank.

The Bank’s requirement was to quickly implement a tool that would allow it to offer individual customers a dedicated installment loan. The purchase of photovoltaic modules was to be financed by granting an installment loan and automatically registering it in the Bank’s IT systems.

The product of the completed implementation is a comprehensive installment – photovoltaics credit process . The solution allows to offer and finalize the installment loan for the purchase of photovoltaic modules to individual customers according to specific requirements. The process includes implemented dynamic and static documents, required by internal regulations of the Bank. It is possible to download documents and send them to the indicated e-mail addresses. The process takes into account the parameters of the installment – photovoltaic credit defined in the offer configurator. The whole solution has been realized in a short period of time and made available to the Bank’s sales network.