At IT@Bank 2019 conference we had a chance to discuss technology in process automation and the role of BPM platform in launching digitalisation, as well as their impact on the expansion and effectiveness of the financing sector. On 14th November we yet again partnered in Poland’s biggest conference on banking technology.

For many years, this prestigious event has been bringing together the environment of IT companies with the Polish banking sector. During this year’s edition, the discussion was devoted to the latest global technological trends and their application in banking. Over 650 participants could listen to lectures in a number of subject areas. Technology as a basis for the expansion of the banking business, what banks can learn from their clients and technological trends – tools, security and the digital revolution were the main topics of the Conference.

The representatives of DomData shared their knowledge with the participants as regards automation of processes in the banking sector. We exchanged experience in the digital transformation of organisations. We talked about integrating business processes which are under way in various areas of the banking business. We presented the role of the BPM platform in launching digitalisation in institutions, as well as arguments for the implementation of the Ferryt Platform under bank’s digital transformation being first and foremost treated as a business, not a technological change. We also discussed the use of cloud services in automating the business processes of the financial sector.

We would like to thank all the participants, including the organisers, for the meetings, discussions and comments we could exchange during the conference!

The Conference was organised by Centrum Prawa Bankowego i Informacji [The Banking Law and Information Centre], the Polish Bank Association, Forum Technologii Bankowych [Banking Technology Forum] and the editorial board of “Miesięcznik Finansowy BANK” [BANK Financial Monthly]